Our Services.

Steven James Accountants provides you with comprehensive management reports to ensure owners/directors have all the information they require at hand, to allow them to make well informed decisions about their business.

The level of services and advice an accounting firms is required to provide has vastly changed and expanded over the years. Business owners expect more than just a basic accounting service, they require assistance to expand and develop their business to the next level, this can only be accomplished by working closely with an accounting firm that is next level, that provides support that includes strategic business planning and accounting guidance.

We are also well known for offering all the services in between, to provide you with more time to do what you do best, while we take care of the complexities of dealing with the administrative and compliance work required.

Our services cover a wide range of areas such as bookkeeping, payroll and superannuation services and cash flow management.

Accounting, Tax & Audit

Clients can rest assured they have a virtual CFO working in their business who has a passion to see them succeed and reach their full potential.  

With an extensive knowledge of business strategies, mastery of best practise business solutions and expertise in business grants, including R&D.

And if you have interest in property or a property matter needing advice. Please reach out, our Manager Tony also specialises in property. From small 1st time property investors to property developers

Business Advisory

Business Performance TRACKER 

Personally delivered reporting on a monthly basis, that brings the core information that you need to measure the success of your business and to your attention in the most effective, efficient and timely manner possible. 


A concise and clear report on your business direction and growth which ties back to the day-to-day decisions you make for your business. Cutting out the various outcomes of your basic decision making this report provides the critical data that the decisions you made today are in line with the ones you made yesterday and set the correct groundwork for the decisions tomorrow – and then ensure those decisions delivered the results they promised. 


Refinance or ever finance your business the correct way. Poor planning cripples cash flows and wastes profits. Our experts will design you a distinct financial plan that properly balances debt, retained profits and owner’s capital, to suit the demands of your business and to open the way for future growth. Our contracts in the industry and our own expertise give us the leading edge to help you restructure to optimize your business and reduce stress. 

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Having up-to-date and accurate figures for your business is essential for making good business decisions and for any future planning. We offer a time saving Bookkeeping and data entry service, that handles all your paperwork and bookkeeping needs. We provide you with a fast and efficient service, that takes all the stress out of managing your business that allows you to focus on the big picture rather than all the minor details such as paperwork, paperwork is not something that you should have take care of yourself yourself.

We work with a team of Bookkeepers, that are highly skilled, efficient, and systematic in their approach to their work, which takes all the worry out of the process for you.

An Overview Of Our Bookkeeping Service

  • Data entry and bank reconciliation
  • Payroll, including pay processing and superannuation submission
  • Accounts payable, bill management and payment
  • Account receivable, receipting of payments
  • BAS (Business Activity Statement)
  • All other legal requirements, including work cover, payroll tax etc
  • Report, giving you access to your numbers

Business Startup

We specialize in business startups; we will walk you through a step-by-step process to assist you with getting your business up and running without any significant delays. We take care of all the background details and process for you. We cover the following processes for you and are not limited to these services:

  • Set up your company with the relevant governing bodies
  • Overview of business
  • Defining your business structure and associated risks
  • Develop your business strategy 
  • Tax effectiveness planning

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